Our parasol are made from high grade solid teak and meant for aesthetics as well as durability. Utilizing sturdy one-piece pole, artfully shaped connect to brass-fitted teak ribs with elegantly turned edges. To cover the umbrella frame is easy, ribs simply slide into canopy pockets. There is no need to fittings or clips.  

An air vent on the top diffuses any unexpected gusts of wind. It also provide extra cooling and improved stability in breezy conditions. The fabric is easily removed for cleaning and changing purposes. The parasol awning is made from the highest strength rainproof and UV resistant fabric.  

Rope and pulley system is fitted to all our parasols to ensure easy handling. The pulley is made from brass with a matching pin to insert underneath the hub when fully opened.


8-Foot Octagon
1-1/2 inch Pole with Pulley


10-Foot Octagon
2 inch Pole with Pulley


13-Foot Octagon
2-3/8 inch Pole with Pulley


9' 6" Square
2 inch Pole with Pulley


12' 6" Rectangular
2-3/8" Pole with Pulley

Large Metal Base
The metal bases are small or large depending on the size of parasol. They are designed to fit underneath our tables through the leg structure thus providing a solid anchor for the parasol.